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Emery Marketing

Welcome to Emery Marketing

What we do


Help build your business with a smart, coordinated and economical program 

that combines research, strategic planning, creative positioning, advertising, PR, sales promotion, and staff training.  


Online advertising, outdoor, electronic, print and specialty communications requires common sense creative that cuts through the clutter. Compelling and engaging messaging is the key to building successful connections with your customers and motivating them to action.

Public Relations

A low cost way to increase target market awareness of your product/service. 

Write and place releases, features and op-eds to build visibility. Use PR tools - newsletters (e-news and print), special events, and other news-worthy elements that insure placement and results.  

Graphic Design

Whether you need a new logo or an informational brochure or a complete marketing and branding program, we can help.  

Web-based Marketing

In today's competitive and highly mobile marketplace, a well-structured and consumer friendly online presence is critical. A website designed to maximize impact on multiple devices along with an active and effective social media plan help drive inquiries and sales.  

Research and Strategic Planning

Helping your business plan for the future - short term and long term - is our goal. Examining directional options, products and product mix, pricing, distribution, the competitive environment, personnel training and sales efforts help develop a results-driven plan to maximize success.